Experience Reston’s Local Zoo

In a Whole New Light

Discover Nova Wild
Lumagica: The Great Migration Light Show

February 17 – April 9, 2023,
Thursday through Sunday
& everyday during Spring Break (April 3-7)

Join us as we open the doors to Nova Wild. Discover the light show designed to educate, inspire, and rekindle your sense of wonder.
  • Explore 10 uniquely designed animal habitats
  • Discover more than a mile of trails that run through the property
  • Learn about wildlife across the globe, from the depths of the oceans to the tallest mountain ranges

New Ownership

Nova Wild | Revitalizing a Local Treasure

The zoo in Reston, VA, is under new ownership, and everything is changing.

Animal Welfare

Our team of experts and veterinarians takes a science-based approach to wildlife care, giving the animals at Nova Wild every opportunity to thrive.


Human beings have a deep connection to nature. Nova Wild offers fun, interactive opportunities to learn about different animal species from around the world.


The earth’s wilderness and biodiversity are facing startling threats. Nova Wild is a non-profit zoo that financially supports international conservation efforts like the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

30 Acres of Wilderness—Next Door!

Drive Through the Safari

Drive your own vehicle through Nova Wild’s interactive safari, where you and your family can feed and interact with a wide array of wildlife, from watusis to Asian water buffalo.

Park Your Car & Explore

Once you’ve finished your safari, you can park the car and stroll through exhibits to discover over 30 species of exotic butterflies, colorful birds, cheetahs, lemurs, wallabies, and more!

Reignite Your Sense of Wonder

Enjoy an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on young people, especially those that have never experienced wildlife up close.

Be Among the First to Experience Nova Wild
through The Great Migration Light Show.

February 17 – April 9, 2023

Thriving Wildlife

Nova Wild is a non-profit organization, and animal welfare is an integral part of our culture.

In keeping with the latest research, we provide all of Nova Wild’s animals with enrichment opportunities. This includes regular novel experiences, from a variety of healthy foods to new sights, sounds, and scents that keep them engaged and happy.

We also have a Ph.D. Animal Welfare expert on staff—along with veterinarians who keep our animals healthy and staff who look after their day-to-day wellbeing.

We have secured the highest levels of accreditation, above and beyond federal, state, and local requirements. We are proudly accredited by the Zoological Association of America and certified by American Humane.

Discover Nova Wild

Get your tickets for The Great Migration light show today!

Self Drive Through Safari

Saturday, February 4 – NOVA Wild’s Self-Drive-Through Safari! It’s back! :), 1228 Hunter Mill Rd., VA, 22182