Education. Conservation.
Animal Welfare

NOVA Wild opened its doors in early 2023, with a whole new vision for Reston’s local zoo.

Tara Campbell Lussier, an entrepreneur who was raised in Reston and still lives in the area, joined forces with a close friend to turn Reston’s local zoo into a non-profit called NOVA Wild.

A mother of four who built several successful businesses based on forward-thinking principles, Tara has worked to expand opportunity to everyone. When she learned that the property was on the market, she teamed up with her friend—who had built a reputation as a respected zoo industry leader.

Together, Tara and her staff are creating a better experience for everyone, including the wildlife under their care. They have a long list of improvements planned for the coming years, and they’ve made animal welfare, education, and conservation their top priorities.

The entire NOVA Wild team is committed to building a healthy environment for the animals that live here, along with a fun, impactful, educational experience for families and children of all ages.

Why Zoos Matter

Conservation & Vanishing Wilderness

The earth has lost more than a billion acres of forest since 1990 according to National Geographic—an area of land that is 23% larger than the nation of India.

Our planet has lost one-third of its total wilderness since the end of the last Ice Age, and we’re leaving less and less space for wildlife to survive, much less thrive.

Ethical zoos are essential for educating the public, encouraging conservation, and building respect for the web of life that binds us all. They also provide a refuge for the animals that share the planet with us, including many that predate our species by millions of years.