Animal Welfare at NOVA Wild

Creating a Space Where Wildlife Thrives

Let’s be honest, human beings have a long history of mistreating our fellow members of the animal kingdom. That’s why NOVA Wild, along with other conscientious zoos, go to great lengths to care for the wildlife under their stewardship.

Our Animal Welfare Mission is to ensure optimal welfare for all animals in our care, and we achieve this through expert guidance, staff training, and enrichment opportunities for every species that lives here.

Why Us

Expert Guidance

NOVA Wild has a Ph.D. Animal Welfare expert on staff—along with veterinarians who keep our animals healthy and staff who look after their day-to-day wellbeing.

Proper Training

Each NOVA Wild employee receives professional training in animal welfare from scientific experts. Our team uses their training to regularly assess each animal’s physical, mental, and emotional states at regular intervals. When we find an animal struggling for any reason, we address it immediately.


NOVA Wild has secured the highest levels of accreditation, above and beyond federal, state, and local requirements. We’re also certified by both the American Zoological Association and American Humane.

Enrichment Opportunities

In keeping with the latest research, we provide all of NOVA Wild’s animals with enrichment opportunities—from the primates to the Madagascar hissing cockroaches!

This includes regular novel experiences, including a variety of healthy foods and new sights, sounds, and scents that keep them engaged and happy.

Cheetahs, for example, love new scents, including spices and perfumes, along with new toys to chew on. Primates like to taste new treats and stretch their minds with puzzles throughout the day. And those hissing cockroaches? They thrive when we change their enclosure regularly and switch up their meals.

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